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More than Running Water… (Part 1 of 2)

Until you complete a remodeling project you may have not paid attention to the faucet that you use, who makes it or how it works. You use it everyday all day and as long as water comes out you may not think twice. What you may not know it that in the business of manufacturing bathroom and kitchen fixtures there is a far and away leader in Moen. With approximately 72% of the market share and 75 years of experience some of the industries advanced innovations have come from Moen (like single handle and MotionSense faucets). And if all that… Continue Reading →

August 21st, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer

Air Infiltration 101

Have you ever felt the air blowing through your windows or felt air coming out of your electric plugs?  How about the dark, dirty line on your carpet around the base of the walls?  That is what we call air infiltration. Air from the outside blowing into the inside of your home. Air is moving in and out of your home. When that happens you are having to reheat the new air coming in. That is what we call “air changes”. Your home could have 10 air changes an hour!  This year the code changed to maximize the number of… Continue Reading →

July 18th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer

Renewal Dream Home Windows

If you are new to remodeling you may be surprised to learn that windows can range in price from a hundred dollars to thousands each. The factors to consider when selecting windows are:   Frame – Vinyl, Wood or Aluminum Glass  – U-value (measures a window unit’s resistance to heat loss) & Solar Heat Gain Coeffiecient SHGC (measures how much heat enters a home through the glass) Design Different window styles featured in a few of our remodel projects.For us design was one of the most critical elements. As you can see from the pictures above the design of a window… Continue Reading →

June 25th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer

Bathroom Vanities

A design trend that is very popular right now is furniture style vanities. Rather than full cabinets or a pedestal sink I decided to use vanities in both my lake bathroom and power room. Due to their popularity you can find them in a variety of styles and looks. Here are my selections: Lake Bath: Rustic chic weathered oak. Decorative “rivets” on cabinet and mirror provide a chic, cutting edge industrial look.   Powder Room: Rustic driftwood grey finish framed in charcoal metal. The earth-bound, organic look derives its appeal from clean lines and tactile Weathered Oak veneers, accented with… Continue Reading →

June 20th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer

Standing water in your Dream Home?

Contrary to popular belief even if you live in the Pacific Northwest you can avoid standing water and drainage issues when building a home. NO, you should NOT have standing water in your dream home! So frequently do homeowners in rainy climates deal with basement and foundation drainage problems that it’s common to think that they can’t be avoided. But with proper planning of your basement drainage system you can. A cell phone video of our basement drainage So, what did we do in the Renewal Dream Home to avoid drainage issues? Once the foundation was poured we sealed the… Continue Reading →

June 13th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer

Renewal Dream Home: The Plan

In the planning process of deciding the style and design of our home we made many changes. We actually started with a Cape Cod style with plans ready to go. While on vacation in Hawaii we loved the tropical homes which then inspired our current design.  The plantation style homes in Hawaii that inspired the Renewal Dream Home. Photos courtesy of Oz Architects Inc.   I decided to have our architect create a 3D video of our exterior elevations to give Sharon a better feel of how our home is going to look. Like many people, the paper sketches weren’t… Continue Reading →

June 6th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer