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Renewal Dream Home: Burn Highlights

Architectural plans in hand it was time to begin. George and Sharon gathered with their family and on a sunny, cold Northwest Saturday and watched the day long process of the East Pierce County Fire Rescue Department burn their home for practice and drills. This was the beginning of the Renewal Dream Home – an award-winning remodeler turns his dreams into reality.

April 16th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer in Remodel Tips

3 New Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Can you believe it, it’s time for me to choose our kitchen appliances? It’s seems early in the building process, but when building or remodeling a kitchen the measurements are needed so the cabinets and countertops can be scaled out. So off we went to Albert Lee Appliance to see what was new and we found some interesting things we wanted to share. 1. STEAM OVENS Steam ovens are new to us but we think it may fit our lifestyle as reheated food seems to happen more often with our on the go life style. (Photo credit: and Miele… Continue Reading →

April 2nd, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer in Remodel Tips

Our Dream Home – The Burn

January 18, 2014 will go down in the Eide history books as a day to remember! It was the day George and Sharon’s house burned down. East Pierce Fire and Rescue were at the scene for hours to put the flames out, but none of the house remained. Mission accomplished! Let us take you back to the year 2007, when the Eide’s first found their waterfront piece of property but not their dream home. They knew the location was a dream come true but the house was not. George being the quality homebuilder/remodeler that he is didn’t see that as an… Continue Reading →

February 26th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer in Remodel Tips

How To Burn Down Your Home (on purpose!)

In order to beginning a rebuild a home owner often has one major hurdle – how to get rid of an existing home or structure. If you aren’t beginning on a cleared piece of property one option is to donate your home or structure to a local fire department as a training house. This is how a previous home was removed to clear space for the Renewal Dream Home. Lieutenant Dan Curtis coordinates the planning and preparation for training houses for the East Pierce Fire and Rescue in Bonney Lake, Washington. He said that on average their team uses 2 or… Continue Reading →

February 20th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer in Remodel Tips

How to get the most of attending a Home Show

Each year our calendar is scattered with regional home, garden and remodeling shows. We love these events because it’s a great opportunity to meet and greet with people. Its our chance to make a great first impression! Home shows are the window shopping of the home remodel and I don’t know many women who don’t at least glance at what’s on display before entering a store. The downside to a home show is that If you’re not careful you can allow the rows and rows of vendors to get the best of you and waste your ticket price and your… Continue Reading →

January 24th, 2014 by Renewal Remodels Writer in Remodel Tips

St. Patrick’s Day Fudge

St. Patrick’s Day is known for the fun and festivities that it brings on the 17th of every March. While it is widely known as secular holiday that celebrates Irish culture, it’s origins lie in the celebration of Saint Patrick, who is credited as bringing Christianity to Ireland. Traditional celebration days include feasting, wearing of green, and other activities. Sweets are an essential part of any large meal, and we loved this shamrock fudge recipe! Add this recipe to your table on home to feel the luck o’ the Irish on St. Patty’s day! Ingredients: 10 Oreo cookies or equivalents 1 container… Continue Reading →

March 6th, 2013 by Renewal Remodels Writer in Remodel Tips